Still Tossing your Banana Peal you Won’t Anymore After Reading This


bananas is a berry that’s excellent for everything, they are delicious, they are an excellent snack on the go, and is enriched in potassium like no other fruit, and you won’t believe that even the peel have many uses you have never thought of, and here are 10 creative uses that will leave you shocked of how useful banana peel can be !

brenda godinez unsplash

1. banana peel helps treat psoriasis

we all know the pain of psoriasis and how much it aches, but your trusty banana peel can save you in such hard time, with banana peel psoriasis you can simply rub the banana peel on the affected area and it shall greatly help in lowering such painful skin condition according to Stylecraze .


2. banana peel are a magical pain reliever

have you ever fallen on your knee and found the pain unbearable ? all of us were in such place, that’s why the bananas come to the save !

if you have a place that hurts, simply grab your trusty banana peel and scrap it against the place that hurts, you should expect the pain to go away in a matter of 30 minutes, isn’t that wonderful ?

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