Slim Down Naturally With This Amazing Banana Weight Loss Smoothie

The main cause of obesity is Junk food cravings , but our Banana smoothie will kill all your food cravings . Bananas make you feel full and give your body all the basic nutrients and energy . All of this will make you eat less and at the same time have the energy you need to continue you day active and healthy , and this is the ideal way to loss weight without harming your body and affecting your daily activities.

In this article we gonna share with you our delicious banana smoothie recipe to loss your weight naturally . Bananas full of amazing key elements for your weight loss journey so , we will spot the light on these nutrients to learn how to loss weight safely .

1. Potassium

Some of excess wight is due to water retention in your body , Potassium has an important role in controlling fluid level inn your body and this is our first step to loss the excess water weight which make you look bloated .

One of the reasons which makes you stop your daily exercise plan is the cramps that occur when you’re working out , bananas will solve this problem as Potassium involved in muscle function and can help minimize cramps and exercise freely .

2. Magnesium

Magnesium has important role in regulating your blood sugar levels and with help of potassium will reduce excess water weight . Your heart rhythm also depend on magnesium and potassium levels as . they play an essential role in muscles contractions and maintaining normal heart rhythm .

3. Phosphorus

High Body Mass Index ((IBM) has been linked to low phosphorus level , this is what has been found in a recent study on obese people . Bananas rich in phosphorus which will  reduce your waist circumference and make you fell less hungry .