Relieve Sciatica Pain with These Simple Yoga Poses

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we use our legs a lot, and without nerves we would be a meshy flesh and bones with no power to use these muscles, legs have the strongest muscles, and there is no wonder that the strongest muscles are associated with the longest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve, it runs from the base of the spine to all the way to the foot, and you can imagine how hard the pain associated with it, it’s called sciatica pain and it can range from normal to chronic and unbearable, but thank god there are yoga poses that will relieve your pain in less than 16 minutes !


1. Standing back twist.

it’s such a simple move and suitable for beginners, it does not require much flexibility and can be done by anyone at any time, all you need is a chair or anything to raise your foot off the floor, simply raise your foot on the chair, wait thirty seconds, then switch your leg, and don’t forget to twist your body to the direction of your raised leg.