People Swear By Apple Cider Vinegar, Here is why



Is Apple Cider vinegar the Key to perfect health?

Recently folks are downing Apple Cider Vinegar for everything from weight loss to cancer, drinking this Spoiled apple juice become a dietary habit and some people swear by it. Apple Cider Vinegar really does have worthwhile health benefits, but it is Not the key to perfect health as there is no such a magical liquid for everything.

The results of this weird habit encourage many people to pick it up. If you drink a small amount of Apple cider vinegar ACV every day will change your life , but Take Care in some situations daily vinegar consumption is not recommended.


ACV could decrease risk for cancer 

In a large population, study did find lower than expected rates of esophageal cancer in people who regularly drank vinegar in China, but there have been a few studies that indicate ACV could decrease risk for cancer and the cause is Cancer cells thrive in acidic environments. Despite ACV being acidic itself,  it is alkalizing in the body and can help restore the alkaline/acid balance in our bodies and this is the secret of all the benefits of apple cider vinegar