Never Ignore These 6 Signs of Cancer

we all know that cancer is such a horrible disease, and science is trying it’s very best to find a better treatment everyday, yet, nothing will beat early diagnosis that will increase the chances of recovery greatly, and here are six common signs of cancer that you should never ignore :

1. Severe pain

although pain is not a directly related to cancer, some types of cancer do cause pain and should never be ignored, especially cancer in the bones and ovaries is generally associated with pain in such areas, yet the majority types of cancer do not cause any pain, thus makes diagnosing them harder.

2. Unexpected bleeding

bleeding itself is never a good sign, leave alone being unexpected, so,if you see blood if you cough or you find your discharge looks odd and is reddish, we suggest you to seek professional help, Lung cancer is a slowly developing condition, and the faster you manage to diagnose it, the easier the treatment of it.