Just 3 Natural Ingredients Can Save you From Heart Diseases

intro - just 3 natural ingredients can save you from heart diseases

Heart disease have been a hot topic lately, and of course it should be with one american dying every 40 seconds due to heart attacks according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but we do know that this happen because of arteries start getting clogged and lose it’s ability to carry oxygen and blood to the rest of the body with ease.

The reason arteries gets clogged is because of plaque building up in the inner walls of the arteries, which would block the blood flow and start damaging organs due to insufficient blood flow, and this would require arteries stent to keep the arteries open.

What controls this build up of fats in arteries is the HDL which is the good cholesterol, and LDL which is the bad cholesterol, to ensure you have no issues you need to ensure that the levels are balanced to avoid arteries blockage.

With these 3 natural ingredients, they will greatly help balance out the LDL and HDL levels, thus unclogging your arteries and greatly lowering your risk of heart diseases.

To prove this point, scientists have conducted a study where they collected data from 36,375 adults with no history of heart disease or diabetes, and conducted this experiment for 27 years, these people had levels of LDL, but not high enough that they would need medication for it, after 27 years, 1,086 people in the study died of cardiovascular disease and 598 died from coronary heart disease, which indicates that although they had low levels of LDL, it had an impact on their heart’s health.

There is still hope even if you have clogged arteries, as by eating these 3 natural and simple ingredients and implementing them in your diet, it will help you unclog your arteries and probably save your life.