Get killer Abs With These 6 Exercise



The summer is close, and a lot of us want to go to beach and have fun, but many of us feel embarrassed about their belly fat and might deprive themselves of enjoying the summer because of that, and the fix is here, burning belly fat is the very first step and it can be maintained by diet, but surely you would love to have some killer Abs to make you feel much secured about your body, that’s why we have collected these 10 exercises that will surely help you get the Abs you always dreamt of !



1. Cable Crunch.

you get your abdominal muscles to work by doing Cable Crunches, all you need to do is to bend down and then try to life yourself up using your Abs to pull your upper body toward your thighs.

to get desired results, try to aim for 3 sets, each with twenty reps.