Eat These 5 Foods With No Fear of Gaining Weight

intro- Eat these 5 food with no fear of gaining weight

Weight loss battle is never an easy one, you are constantly fighting your urge to eat and your craving for sugary stuff, you keep on trying to find healthy foods but the market is full of unhealthy junk that urges you to stuff it in your mouth, making your journey to the market slightly hard and painful.

Luckily, there are some types of food that you can eat with no guilt of putting on weight, these foods are high on something called “Safety index”, which gives a rough idea of how stating a specific type of food is, and the more stating the food is, the less likely you will overeat which eventually will save you from putting on weight.

A lot of this food is not veggie, they are real satiating food that you would enjoy to eat, and you can incorporate #5 in your weight loss plan to eat as a snack all day with no guilt or fear of gaining weight!

Boiled potatoes- Eat these 5 food with no fear of gaining weight

1. Boiled potato.

You always have heard that potatoes aren’t your best friend when it comes to diet, that’s due to the high carb intake the fries usually carry, but here we are advocating boiled potatoes as they are well known for their resistant starch, which acts as soluble fiber in the digestive system which is helpful to make you more satiated and less hungry, that’s why a dinner of potato hash can be both healthy and satiating.

Fun fact: the more you cook then cool the potatoes, the more nutritious they get as they increase their value of resistant starch, that makes boiled potatoes the best kind of leftover food that gets better the more you leave it over!