Do your Kidney’s a favor By Avoiding These 7 Foods



Kidneys are a true lifesaver, the amount of toxin they filter make them a trusty organ that’s always there for you, kidneys also have another job such as producing hormones, also maintain the fluid balance in the body, they have a tough work and they surely deserve to be appreciated

We are guilty of hurting our kidneys even if we don’t know, even seemingly healthy food may not be the best for people with kidneys problem, also healthy people should lower the consumption of such food if they wanna lower the load on their kidneys and reduce the risks of kidney stones.

Be on the lookout for these 7 foods or consume them with care and not overdo them, your kidneys will thank you.


1. Meat

Even though meat is rich in healthy protein necessary for body growth, they provide a challenge for the kidneys to filter them, that’s why people who are eating a protein-rich diet are more prone to kidney stones and other kidneys problems, so make sure to monitor your intake of meat to save your kideny the hardwork