Chrono Diet – Don’t Count the Calories, Just Eat on Time!

The chrono diet actually is not a specific diet, it is a feeding method. It is feeding at the right time. Its follower and propagandist is Patrick Leconte – one of Europe’s leading nutritionists. At first this idea appeared more than 25 years ago and it had nothing revolutionary.

Today the chrono diet refines and its effectiveness is proved by many scientific experiments. Daily menus are developed in terms of modern eating.

The idea is very simple: at the different hours of the day human body produces various enzymes and if we eat exactly what we need at the exact time of producing the relevant enzyme, our organism will absorb the food very fast. And instead of considering the calories we will just watch the clock. All we have to do is to study our bodies.

According to the prominent nutritionist everything in this diet is very simple and to prove it, he gives answers to some issues related with the regime.

What food should be avoided in the morning according to the chrono diet?

For example, fruit and sweet – this is unnatural at this very moment. Insulin production is reduced in the morning, so it will be difficult for the body to absorb such foods. Honey, jams, cakes and fruits should be avoided, too. It is appropriate to eat an omelette or other protein food. Sugar must be used very careful. Sweet foods can be consumed between 11:00 and 17:00 and yet in limited quantities. However, personal biorhythms should be taken into consideration.

There are no forbidden products, but semi – manufactured goods and canned food should be limited.

Can you lose weight quickly with this diet?

The first and most important goal of the chrono diet is improving people’s health and therefore weight begins to normalize without special efforts. The time needed for weight loss is very individual, but the rapid weight loss is not a priority.

Is it possible to regain the weight you lost after finishing the diet?

Only if you start eating junk food and forget about the rules of the chrono diet.

You can have your favorite food 1-2 times a week if you eat it at the right time of the day and if you do not overeat. These are pleasures, one should not go without.