Avoid These 6 Foods If you Have Arthritis


around 53 million people are suffering from Arthritis which is a name that describes a range of joint diseases that include joints pain and affect your ability to move, and because Arthritis describe more than 100 joint diseases, it’s quite hard to pick specific foods that fit everyone have Arthritis, but we seem to know few ingredients that make the situation worse, that’s why we are preparing this list of 5 foods that aren’t the best pick if you want to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis


1. Fried foods

we all have been guilty of it, we all know that fried food is the worst way possible to obtain nutrition value, and now, new researches suggest that fried food is increasing inflammation in your joints which is not a good sign, so, reducing your consumption of fried food can help you avoid Arthritis symptoms and keep your bones in shape !