8 Natural ways to Lower Blood Sugar Levels without Medications


100 million people in the United States have diabetes or prediabetes, As 2 out of 5 Americans are expected to develop type 2 diabetes in their lifetime. But the good news is diabetes cases are beginning to level off due to the spread of good dietary habits and awareness.

Diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose or blood sugar levels are too high.

With type 1 diabetes , your body does not make insulin at all , While with type 2 diabetes which is the more common type, your body does not make or use insulin well.

Diabetes type 2 management today becomes so easy and can be reversed with the help of simple tips to take good care of yourself and here are 12 tips of you take with them your diabetes will disappear in short period of time and you well notice such a great improvement in your mental and physical states.


1. A healthy, balanced diet

You have to stick to a healthy diet contains all your body needs of vitamins and minerals to help your system to get rid of all that free radicals and toxins .

This does not mean you have to starve absolutely not, as you can eat whatever you want but take care of what you eat and put some control on your taste buds.