6 Incredibly Effective Antibiotics Straight From Mother Nature

intro - 6 Incredibly effective antibiotics straight from mother nature

Life was so dark back before the discovery of antibiotics, a minor infection could easily escalate to a life-threatening disease that killed millions of people and caused massive lose in livestock,but after the discovery of antibiotics, life became much easier, bacteria no longer is considered a massive threat to life and surgeries can be done safely and easily with no fear of bacteria.

But bacteria is capable of adaptability and able to resist our antibiotics, our medicines starts to lose their effectiveness in a phenomenon called antibiotic resistance, which sadly will make us more prone to infection and make us lose the war with bacteria.

This is why it’s suggested to lower your use of antibiotics and try to use it in moderation, let the body do the hard work alone so you can improve its immunity against this bacteria, and with these 6 natural antibiotics from mother nature, it should be easy to keep up with these pesky bacteria.

Garlic - 6 Incredibly effective antibiotics straight from mother nature

1. Garlic

Garlic isn’t only useful in fighting vampires, it’s also an incredible addition to any diet, it’s almost like a jack of all trades, that’s because it’s more than an antibiotic,but also has anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties.

You can thank “allicin” for such amazing properties, it’s what gives the Garlic and Onions their amazing powers and make them an amazing antibiotic, and we suggest you to eat it either raw or lightly cooked to not lose it’s incredible properties.