5 Workout you Must Do If you are over 40


time waits for no man, and it goes by quickly, and with every new year, you get wiser and much smarter, while your body starts to crumble, your bones start to ache, your stamina is not that good as it can barely help you get to the second floor, but all of this shouldn’t let you stop exercising your body, after all, you will spend the rest of your life in it !

that’s why we gathered you 5 workout routines for your 40’s, it’s such a remarkable age where you start to really feel old and rusty, and these exercises will ensure that your body is in the right shape for your life.


1.Fat Burning

even after all these years, you may have some fat in your belly that doesn’t seem to really burn off, that’s why adding a fat burning workout can make all the difference and kick this unhealthy fat up!

try to aim for exercises that aim at burning fats, such as Step-ups, thrusters, kettlebell swings, and squat jumps, losing fat can really make a huge difference in your body after you have reached 40’s.