5 Ways Soda is ruining your life

intro - 5 ways soda is ruining your life

Soda tastes great, it’s almost like magical flavored water, and with many types of soda available  that you regularly forget the soda names, you can’t help but love it, and the restaurants are pushing you, even more, to drink it with every meal, which was gonna be great if soda wasn’t so unhealthy for you.

We all know how bad soda is, from the incredible amount of sugar in it to the large list of additives that you can barely pronounce, ending up to the complete lack of any nutritional value whatsoever, there is absolutely no reason for you to drink, well…other than the fact that it taste great, but would you give up your health for “great taste”?

If you are still not convinced, here are 5 ways in which soda is ruining your health and your life, and we hope that these reasons are enough for you to get control over your life and at least replace soda with sparkling water as soda is an obvious loser in the battle between soda vs sparkling soda.

makes you gain weight - 5 ways soda is ruining your life

1. It makes you gain weight

You probably already know how bad soda is for your diet, and you are right, most sodas have more than the recommended limit of your sugar intake daily, yet, they never satiated  you and you end up eating even more food without counting the immense amount of empty calories in the soda you drank, which in the end causes you to gain weight.

The scientific reason is quite simple, most of the soda in the market is rich in high fructose corn syrup, which is sugar that needs to be processed in the liver to convert it into fat that starts to accumulate in the body, causing you to get belly fat which you never need in the first place.

There is a habit of women going through their period in which they start to consume loads of sugar in diet due to bad mood or unstable hormones, this causes what is now known as weight gain period in which you gain an extra 3 or 4 pounds during the period, and to avoid that is to stop soda during your period to avoid adding even more weight to your waistline.