5 Reason Why Sleeping On your Left Side Is The Best


sleeping is such a tough topic to discuss with anyone, and it’s all about the feeling, you can’t just go to someone and ask them “what side do you prefer to sleep on?”, first of all, it’s awkward, second of all, they can’t really tell you because it’s kinda random, and even if it’s not they don’t know why, but we are here with a scientific answer which happens to be the left side!

the quality of your sleep really matters, you do a lot as you are awake and your body is even busy while you are having a good night sleep, transporting oxygen and digesting this midnight meal that you should not have eaten,and you may even be suffering from sleeping disorder that makes sleeping harder such as sleep bruxism, in any case, at least help it to sleep better by picking the very best position to sleep which is the left side.

not convinced? totally acceptable, just stick with us as we provide you with 5 scientific reasons to start sleeping on your left side more often.


1. improves digestion.

remember this midnight meal you ate when you should have not? well, sleeping on your left side can actually make the situation better as it seems to help with the digestion of protein and fats, that’s because your stomach lies on the left side, and this provides an easy way for the food to pass to large intestine more smoothly.

also when you sleep on your left side, the digestive enzymes don’t have to lay over the pancreas, this provides the digestive enzymes with a free flow passes to move much more freely, that’s why sleeping on your left side is good for your digestive system function.