5 Natural Foods that detox your liver

intro - Natural Foods that detox your liver

your liver is the master of the detoxification game, it can work its way through a sugary meal, or a fatty dinner, even moderate amount of alcohol are no match to your liver’s detoxification ability, yet, this hardworking organ truly deserves a break, or it can start to fail abruptly as you start adding more load to it, which is one of liver cancer causes.

You can go to the market and find hundreds of products claiming to be the ultimate liver detoxifier, but you can’t really trust a company whose main intent is to make money out of you, and there are no medical studies that support the use of such products.

That’s where healthy food eating comes to the rescue, you can pick one of these 5 natural foods to support your liver’s health, you will be amazed that you might be already consuming this healthy food already, but keep reading on to know what you are missing, so you don’t have to search relentlessly for liver cancer treatment when it’s too late.

coffee - Natural Foods that detox your liver

1. Coffee and tea.

I bet you have already heard a lot of the coffee’s adverse health effects, but it’s never the coffee to blame for that, it’s caffeine that’s causing all of these bad health effects, not coffee, in fact, coffee is a very healthy source of antioxidant, and studies have recently shown that coffee plays a role in protecting from liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, drinking 3 cups a day seems to be enough to enjoy these health benefits, but check with your doctor if you have other alignments that would conflict with that amount of coffee, and don’t go over that so you don’t end up with coffee headache when you don’t get your morning cup.

Tea is quite hard to pull off, you need around 5 to 10 cups of green tea to start having real benefits,use tea leaves for the best results, you can be smarty pants and start taking supplements of green tea, and here I tell you to stop, cause too much of anything is just wrong, and this also applies to tea as studies have shown that concentrated supplements of green tea have an adverse effect on your liver health.

To tackle this, we advise you to enjoy tea and coffee from time to time, not only coffee can help you focus and cheer your morning, but your liver will thank you as well.