5 Foods you should Add To Beat Belly Fat

intro - 5 foods you should add to beat belly fat

We all have been there, our waistline is not in the best position and our belly fat is becoming problematic, and I bet you have tried countless regimes that promises zero belly fat in 3 days and none of them worked, I can relate because I have been there, and I had to learn that in the battle of weight loss, taking shortcuts is not the right answer.

You should do your due research before embarking the journey of weight loss, and pick a weight loss plan that you can actually stick with rather than the quick and easy shortcuts that never works.

These 5 foods should be a great addition to your weight loss plan, and probably help you shed off some pounds from your waistline, so keep on reading and you will realize that the journey to a perfect body isn’t that hard, it can actually be tasty!

popcorn - 5 foods you should add to beat belly fat

1. Popcorn

Whole grains have been a trend lately, and I am finally glad that healthy stuff is trending, classic whole grains such as oatmeal may sound boring to you, but there are tasty options that are whole grain, such as popcorn that you can eat whenever you like and never worry about those pounds again.

Eat as much as you want, as popcorn is filled with healthy fibers that seem to help you get rid of this pesky belly fat, just make sure it’s air-popped popcorn to avoid the cancerous addition the microwaved popcorn, and try to not add much butter or salt to your tasty popcorn for optimal results.