5 Foods That Will Make your Hair Healthier Than Ever


People try their best to ensure that they choose the best type of shampoo for their hair, and pick carefully the type of oils they use for it, that’s a good step to take care of your hair, but have you ever thought that maybe your diet is the one causing all this hair loss and weakness? well, your food contributes a lot in the health of your hair, and that’s why we gathered 9 foods that will ensure optimal health for your hair!


1. Eggs

we choose eggs on top of the list due to its high protein content, zinc, and especially a large amount of biotin contained in it that, protein is so essential for the hair that lack of it is linked to hair loss.

biotin being the major part here, as it’s known that it transfers to keratin, and deficiency in biotin have been linked to hair loss, that’s why supplements are a good idea if you don’t get enough Biotin in your diet.