5 Foods That Will Add More Pounds To your Belly

intro - 5 foods that will add more pounds to your belly

We all know how much trouble we end up with when we put on weight, especially when it’s pesky belly fat that is hard to get rid of, and there have been countless new ways to get rid of belly fat such as belly fat freezing, but they are either too expensive or aren’t really practical, after all, you should embrace the journey of the weight loss for both mental and physical development.

Whether you are on the battle to lose weight or trying to maintain your weight, these 5 foods are not a good idea to add to your diet, as these foods contribute to many of the belly fat types, and they neglect the effect of doing belly fat removal surgeries.

Make sure you exclude these types of food from your shopping list if you wanna avoid belly fat surgery and lower your risk of developing heart disease, these eleven foods should be drastically lowered or even cut out as a whole from your weight loss plan.

fruit juice - 5 foods that will add more pounds to your belly

1. Fruit Juice.

Hey, what the heck are you saying? Isn’t fruit juice healthy? Well, the “fruit” part is healthy, the “juice” part is the one causing most of the issue, that’s because juice is simply water with added sugar.

There are too many wrong things about fruit juice, first, they contain a giant amount of sugar, second, you lose the fiber in the fruit when you make it into juice, third, fruit juice is not satiating at all yet contains all the calories of normal fruit, that’s just a recipe to get more fat.

Stray away from fruit juice even the unsweated ones as they also have sugar,if you dont’t believe me, then check fruit juice labels to know that even the zero sugar ones still have sugar in them.

eat fruits for the full benefits and consider a fruit gift basket for your dieting friends to support them on their journey.