5 Brain Damaging Habits That you Must Stop Now


taking a break of some exhaustive task is a good idea from time to time, whether it’s by playing your favorite video game or by watching a new movie on Netflix, we all have our ways to relax, and doing so from time to time is totally okay.

but there are some habits that can make us more prone to mental illness such as anxiety and depression, and they can even cause physical issues such as Alzheimer and epilepsy.

that’s why we gathered these 5 dangerous habits that you should stop in order to start noticing a difference in your mental and physical health and ensure a long and healthy life.


1. Skipping breakfast.

this is a straight out bad idea from the beginning, first of all, we all know that it’s the most important meal of the day, that’s because you have been fasting in your sleep and you have depleted your energy sources, so, you certainly need to refill your body with enough energy for the day, and the big issue here is that the brain uses 20% of the energy you consume, so, when you deprive the brain of getting the energy it needs, this will cause you to be less alert and cause your neurons to die off in an accelerated rate thus damaging your brain.