10 Vitamins you Need To Not Regret losing your Health

On the topic of eating healthy, a lot of us fall short on eating, we started to fill up on junk food or chocolates for weeks with little to no attention to our daily intake of vitamins, which might cause huge health issues on the long run.

You properly don’t need any supplement if you are eating whole foods and stocking up on the right health choices, but doing so is quite hard in our busy lives, yet, if you want to keep fit, then it would be a good idea to know these 10 vitamins that you really need to have your sufficient daily intake of it


1. Beta Carotene

I think the name makes it obvious where you can find such vitamin, alongside carrots, you can find it green pepper and sweet potatoes.

the benefit of Beta Carotene is that it converts to Vitamin A in your body, which plays a major role in improving the immune system and your eye health, and no you won’t have a night vision by eating carrots, it only promotes the health of the eyes and not superpowers.

make sure you aren’t taking too much of it, it has no recommended daily intake but an overdose of vitamin A can cause lung cancer especially in smokers, so, be careful you pick the right supplement for you.